Original Pack Dispensing

What pharmacy looks like with original pack dispensing!

Imagine what pharmacy practice would like without the count and pour environment. Expanded roles for technicians would be more likely, more automation would be possible and best of all pharmacists could spend more time talking to patients and other health professionals improving health outcomes. Time spent counting and pouring can be replaced by refining our workflow practices to improve productivity. Eventually, the layout and design of dispensaries would alter facilitating the interaction between the patient and the pharmacist.

ProPharma and PWR are ready and willing to fund and support the adoption of dispensary automation but with the count and pour environment the return on this investment is simply not there for our clients. Check out the video to see how automation in dispensaries works in Australia!

Dispensary Automation

Pharmacy automation has the potential to revolutionise pharmacy dispensing and stock management processes, achieve increased safety and quality in medicine use, and reduce cost.

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