Robotic Providers – Unit Dose and Original Pack

Flat funding and increasing demand means one thing – automation!  Read about the three unit dose robot providers with robotic dispensing machines in New Zealand. Prices start at around $80k (NZ).


Meditec Pharmacy Automation has been supporting machines in the New Zealand market for many years.

phone: +61 3 9894 4766

Douglas Pharmaceuticals has recently entered the robotic market and has many of their Medico pack customers transitioning across to robotic packing.


Dose Innovations, an experienced provider in the Australian market, has also recently launched in the New Zealand market. They have a New Zealand based sales representative Daymond Yee (021 549 668).



It is difficult to see a return on investment with original pack robots in NZ market.  Two suppliers in Australian market offer amazing machines. Visit the original pack dispensing section of this blog to see an original pack robot in action.

Dose Innovations

They have a New Zealand based sales representative Daymond Yee (021 549 668).


Visit Dr Mona Syhre, the Pacific based representative linked in page for more information on their products.

Original Pack Dispensing

What pharmacy looks like with original pack dispensing!

Imagine what pharmacy practice would like without the count and pour environment. Expanded roles for technicians would be more likely, more automation would be possible and best of all pharmacists could spend more time talking to patients and other health professionals improving health outcomes. Time spent counting and pouring can be replaced by refining our workflow practices to improve productivity. Eventually, the layout and design of dispensaries would alter facilitating the interaction between the patient and the pharmacist.

ProPharma and PWR are ready and willing to fund and support the adoption of dispensary automation but with the count and pour environment the return on this investment is simply not there for our clients. Check out the video to see how automation in dispensaries works in Australia!

Dispensary Automation

Pharmacy automation has the potential to revolutionise pharmacy dispensing and stock management processes, achieve increased safety and quality in medicine use, and reduce cost.

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Demand Better Technology – NZ Health IT Plan (e-prescribing and all that stuff)

The National Health IT Plan published in 2010 has been updated for 2013/14. Four priorities are identified for IT investment in 2014 and beyond:

  • Electronic Medication Management

  • National Clinical Solutions

  • Regional Information Platforms

  • Community Based Integrated Care Initiatives


The NZ e-prescription service (NZePS) is listed as a critical priority with a targeted implementation date of December 2014 for community pharmacies and GPs. The NZePS will link privately owned community health providers using a state controlled data and software infrastructure.

Sadly there is no clear plan on what on-going funding, maintenance and development path there is for this instrastructure and no clear, effective, community pharmacy governance to help determine that the infrastructure will meet the on-going clinical and business requirements of pharmacies and general practices.

ProPharma and PWR actively support the aims of the NZ Health IT Plan and wish to work positively with our customers to lobby for effective governance and funding pathways to ensure its success.

Click here to read the NZ Health IT Plan 2010 and its update 2013/2014 to understand more.

Governance for the Health IT Plan is undertaken, for community health providers, via an organization called Patient’s First. Visit their website to learn what they do and how they engage with pharmacy.

Christmas Lobbying – Time Wasting Tomatoes

Feb 2015

Good grief, still no progress on the count and pour!  It is difficult to see how pharmacist’s can work with patients more closely to improve health outcomes while they are required to manual repackage medicines from large bulk packs to small ones. Automation is restricted, safety is compromised and productivity just grinds to a halt.

Dec 2013

PWR and ProPharma, after discussion with the ProPharma customer advisory group, want to raise awareness around the cost-shifting inherent in current Pharmac purchasing practice. The Tinned Tomato Campaign is a light hearted, visual reminder of this cost shifting and asks the user to consider how inconvenient and expensive it is to repackage a large, economy tin of tomatoes into five smaller tins.

It’s dumb to buy product in units that need repackaging if you are looking for efficiency. Imagine cleaning your teeth using a bucket of toothpaste, rice that was individually packaged or a barrel of milk for your breakfast! Medicines need to be packaged in consumer sized units for community dispensing and bulk packs for unit dose robotics.

To kick this campaign off, 200 restaurant sized cans of tinned tomatoes have been sent to DHB planning and funding GMs and managers, PHARMAC, NZ Health IT Board, a range of politicians, the Pharmacy Guild, Society and Council office holders and executives asking them to consider how they can help pharmacy maintain and improve the quality of dispensing and consulting services by reducing the amount of medicines that need re-packing during the dispensing process.

Further co-ordinated lobbying campaigns will be offered throughout 2014 by ProPharma, drawing funders, politicians, sector representatives and PHARMAC’s attention to the impact of medicine funding decisions on dispensary efficiency. Call back to this website to keep up to date on our progress.